Mid-Michigan Pet Therapy

Pet Therapy

The Mid-Michigan Pet Therapy group was formed in October, 2005 and holds it's monthly meetings on the second Wednesday of each month (September-June) at the Eaton County Medical Care facility in Charlotte, Michigan.

Each member of the group is involved in pet Therapy by visiting nursing homes, hospitals, hospice or private residences with their pet.  Others are involved with the TDI "Reading To Dogs" program in several local elementary schools. All of the dogs currently involved in the MMPT program have received their Therapy Dog Certification through Therapy Dogs International.  While having this certification is not a prerequisite to joining this volunteer group, it is encouraged.  Members of MMPT can help you train and certify your dog.  We are also working on obtaining a certification system for our Therapy cats in this program.

Temperament and the willingness to be sociable are the primary qualities of a therapy pet.  Size and the breed of the dog or cat are not factors.  Most importantly the pet must be gentle, friendly and enjoy being touched, hugged and petted.

Each member comes to the Pet Therapy group for their own individual reasons, however we are all involved with this group because our relationships with our pets are so extremely important to us.  We see each of our pets as tremendous "givers of love and affection" and we are overjoyed to share these qualities with others.  Pet Therapy allows us to go out into the world as volunteers of good will, with a pet that is a major part of our life and love.  Sharing this love, sharing this time with our beloved pets, means as much to each of us as it does to the people we share our time and feelings with.


Much good has been said about the concept of children reading to dogs.  Members of Mid-Michigan Therapy Pets have been involved in this program with very rewarding results.  The main criteria for the dog is that they be enthusiastic about interacting with children.  The dog who merely tolerates the occasional child is not going to enjoy spending a lot of time in a classroom situation, being loved and petted by many hands.  However the dog who is eager to be with children will love the attention, and return the affection happily.  Large or small, the dog who loves children will have a positive impact on the classroom or library situation.  Special needs children in particular gain much from this experience.

If you have a little spare time each week or month, enjoy visiting with people and have this kind of relationship with your pet, please contact;

Mid Michigan Pet Therapy  1-517-852-1880


Eaton County Humane Society,  1-517-645-2000

Eaton County Medical Care Facility  1-517-543-2940


Mid Michigan Pet Therapy  1-517-852-1880




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